It Sure Took A Long Time

I’m sure it might have grown old

Like most young things usually do

and dangling a line to try and find your mind

For that I can’t blame you.


Days once spent with her laden with the tales of her blossoming heart. She told him in constant amusement what came to her mind, he could not help to question her depth, he felt somewhat dragged to join the hype, but he did not want to be swept away by her set rhymes.  She wasn’t realized at the time, what was to lose. It took her indifinite time to find out her lost soul, where did it belong and bound. And she would rather be alone. 


It sure took a long time to miss me

A long time for you to come around

A long time to find what was wrong

It sure took a long, long time.


Late Blooming

I’m not the oil painting you once bought
Further down the line there could be hope

A girl whose greatness will prove something more

A beauty no one will know


​She played the unintended over again. They brought her sudden blush on her two cheecks. It was brief. And as time passed, she would love to have them packed in the corner of memory’s jar. To have the accompanion of another warm soul. She was always late to realize. She unboxed the jar and let the imaginary movies played. She lightly smile. “Be okay, I know you are.”


I‘m nothing like the vision you once formed

So far from perfect wish you can’t ignore

My wisdom’s flown, my sense is gone

So take my voice

What’s left of me

A flower of fallen seed