Drifting Boat

The scent of spring and the budding flowers
will not bring you back to me as I stand paralyzed

Yet another long run she had

Questioned the fragments she long gathered

To leave her another

To get her sober

when summer comes it’s rain at dawn
drawing close to you, I gather up the fragments

Drifted boat carried along past memories

of mere nothing supposedly but then last imbibed

To go sailing nowhere but heading in the same old path

Seemingly plumped up in loads but the same old past

After autumn passes, 

surely, I will cut off the black hair that I’d let grow

As it was drifting still the boat of unwavered dull pain

Made allusion cut short of the long black hair

to paint her the same old projection

Not so long after, made guess it was probably what dragged the figure back within eyesight

Oh, beloved  I completely forgot the sight of your parting face after only three days
‘Drifting Boat’ sang by Go Go 7188


The Neighborhood Grass

I set out on a narrow way many years ago

Hoping I would find true love along the broken road


Here I firm stand, watching the neighbourhood grass

Seemingly ravishing and spoiling

What seems to never within the reach

Strike straight strong sense of self

Questioning the honour with full doubt

Of foggy unpromising the road taken

Here I blow prayer, the remaining stack of pride

For the neighbourhood grass is long believed greener

So, I’d rather tilted askew to the vision glittery

As the wiser told to love the mystery
To stop compare and full proud, 

Walk the road taken


That God blessed the broken road

That led me straight to you.

I could see how every sign, pointed straight to you

The Connection

Is there only one direction
Is there only right from wrong


​If the taken road will lead me to the very soul, I dare not to disobey the rendered flow

If the scattered pieces mean to be gathered and completed by the missing puzzle, I bear the long awaited

The world is too much of a diverse noise; thus the soul dreamed connection the companion of the same simplicity; in seeing, in believing, in encouraging what mere to others but the world to self: words

There is only one direction

There is only right from wrong

Got to make the right connection, 

on my own