The Diary of a Late Bloomer (138)

The girl who stops, the girl who writes what remains

It was a chunk created years ago and she found out a real life person to her fictional character. He meant to put an end to the story she crafted. She is glad it turned out to be him. It could have a chaotic end with another person. But he made a sad ending a preferable end, because the timing is not right and things are simply not coincide. That they are different. Different in term of age, in term of interests, in term of faithfulness, to name just a few. She believed it was with the help of conspired universe and it was ended for the better. And the girl who has been becomes the girl who stops. But she believes, she is meant for someone else. As for now on, she is the girl who writes what remains.


The Diary of a Late Bloomer (136)

Letters to four letters word (22)

Dearest you, sometimes to love mean to let go, to accept the fact that things are simply can’t be coined together, too different. And to love is to be happy to see the one we love happy. It would be great if we were end up being in a happily ever after the way The Little Prince at last realized how much the rose meant to him, that she is his true friend and her loyal lover, despite her being temperamental, proud and annoying. Not until The Little Prince left the planet did he know, that the rose he had watered wasn’t the only rose in the world, there were thousand other roses as beautiful as the rose on his planet, but then he realized after he was told by the fox, what made his rose different was the amount of time he had spent with her, it made his rose sui generis, one of a kind. Because the Little Prince had picked her among billion other roses. I’m glad, it is to you my heart is tamed. I’m glad I have learn to love myself. But I would love to see the Little Prince grows and wanders his way, I’m still a proud rose of the Little Prince even though we don’t end up a happily ever after, at least for the time being. At least in my heart, you are forever imprinted. The Rose realizes, she has to break the chain, that it is time for her to let loose of everything. Dearest my kind of Little Prince, thank you for sparing your time for me, thank you for listening to my rambling, thank you for being there for a while. I wish you knew how painful it was to end this letter, but we are just way too different to be coined together. This girl who has been writing about you, has been so grateful of ever being acquaintance with such a beautiful soul even though you made me lost my patience for ignoring my annoying and unnecessary ramblings, you made me waiting too long for my questions to be answered. You should have known, the Rose wanted you to make her as your priority, but it seemed to her you were too preoccupied. But it isn’t a reason why she at last chooses to give up on you. It is because she loves you too much and she is afraid of hurting herself in the future with her overflowing feelings she has towards you. Now that she realized, she has to let go of the Little Prince she has been hold dear in mind for her future’s sake. Dearest you, I’m sorry if I take us way too seriously, it is hard to say this. But this is going to be my last letter I write to you. I wish we met at the right time. My dearest, soar high like an eagle! I will still be happy to watch you growing from afar. Even when we don’t end up a happy end. This girl who comes to stay, now this girl writes to say goodbye. Let’s see what future lies in store for us. Let’s see how faith at last molding us. See you in the future.

The Diary of a Late Bloomer 131

Letters to four letters word 21

“It was in the morning at 8.30 before I had a writing exam today, my mood was ruined by the simple question of ‘mahasiswa s2 ya, mbak?’ it was probably only a simple question, but somewhat jeopardized my heart. Well, I wish I was. I guess, I’m so much of a late bloomer and I hope I will bloom the right way, it is okay to be late in everything from education to romance to marriage, so long as I’m not giving up on myself. I remember what you once said to me and it lifts up my mood that each one of us has our own speciality. Now that I know your explanation, I’m not going crazy anymore, but I guess I will withdraw myself from anything involving excessive feelings. But I will still write a letter only I will try my best to redeem my prejudices, I know you have been doing positives and so do I. Dearest you, if I leave us, will you stay put there? Just watching me from afar while you wander yourself?”