The Diary of a Late Bloomer (2)

Even today I still recall

Shining so brightly, the image is burned deep inside of my memory


When things no longer the same

I see there future possibilities with him. I can see myself spending time for hours, talking about serious to mere things. But things no longer the same now, feelings can never stay the same, it has its own high and low. I thought you were the one, my destined hero, ever since you made appearence. I wish at that time, universe would bring us closer. And it has been a while, but it is no longer the same. It may be because we let it hidden for too long, but it is none of us to be blamed. 


On Time, In Silence

Just like a summer breeze, I can still remember

The gentleness of your smile

But now it turned into bitter tears


Time unfolds the truth. In silence it speaks volume. In silent it holds power. In silence it observes. In silence it, at last, reveals an answer. It is in silence time is steadily creeping, but it makes a move nonetheless. It is in silence time is ever so compassionate trying to understand and comprehend in layering fabric of unfolding memories. It is in silence time is ruminating its best choice, it considers and ponders what is to come out the best possible future destined. It is in silence, time figures out. It is in silence time is taking a record and leaving a mark of a lasting impression. It is in silence time forms the truest and purest of human interaction. It is in silence time transcends the yearning. And par for the course, in silence time lets collide what is supposed to be lying next to each other. 


Still shining so brightly, 

The image is burned deep inside of my memory

Hero Indisguise

(my father is a liar)

I watched the video on YouTube again today, as Father’s Day is within fingers counting. I literally cried, I remembered my old times when I used to follow my father around to work, was waiting patiently for him. Even though I’m not coming from a wells established family, but my parents managed to provide us with necessary facilities. My father, he isn’t perfect, all of us are not. We are prone to make errs; some bound to commit the same err for unfathomable reasons. He wasn’t always there when I needed him, but he teached me to be strong. He is my dear father, my hero in disguise. He is so patient. He is a versatile man, can be both a father (he used to send us off to school, lullabyed us stories before we went to bed) and a mother (as he used to do household chores patiently). He is not perfect still, but I’m glad I have him as my father.  My father might be a liar to make me happy, but he is my hero in disguise still, regardless of anything, I love my father. Happy Father’s Day, Father :).