The Diary of a Late Blommer (7)

Eradicating toxics

Life is a competition for some people, for some others life is just a short visit to the afterlife and thus they keep humbling theirselves each day. But in a way of living our live, we bump into varied heads, with diverse ways of seeing the world; some are secular, some pretend to cast aside the importance of worldly possessions, some rather have it just enough, and some lose in the directions, thus give up to the given flow while continuing living still. The better is to have a balance the former, middle and the latter, but I’d rather go  with the last. And with it, as we encounter new faces each day, we will then know or rather expose, with a person who probably has a whole different way of thinking as we are; some in line, another the reverse. To eradicate, thus, to cautiously examine, who are worth giving a getting closer, who are better to have it a casual acquintance. By then, prevent ourselves from brain intoxication, we nee to be wise enough, in letting people infused their  outlooks in us, especially those who indisguisely bring a hidden toxic; chronic hypocrites, manipulatif, etc.  A lot of them scattered, for the sake of social affirmation of their existence; those who crave for fame, those who never cherish a moment of solitary. I’d rather put a step backward to that kind of people. Because only by then, I can keep firm my inner peace, to care only my walking pace, to focus on what matters and essentials, to bother not with what is not crossing my business. Eradicating toxics; in any forms, for the sake of maintaining balance, in order to achieve a greater purpose, and solid transquility, is a matter of significant important.


The Diary of a Late Bloomer (6)

I believe every words you said

But in the end, I hurt you so bad


Let’s meet again someday, in the future, when everything is clear-sighted. When I have it done with my self and we become a better person by then. Let’s meet when everything is right. Just so there is no doubt in beginning a journey worth of every laughs and cries. There will come that someday. Will you be patiently waiting for it? 

The Diary of a Late Bloomer (5)

Give me a second I

I need to get my story straight


A brand new me, The same old love
I love this transquil, peaceful side of me. This undistorted side of me. This self—sufficient side of me. Because the world is a lot roomier, busier with the ramblings of varied talks, from petty about new fad to heavy topics about politics, economics, etc. I hope, I’ll be able to always maintain this state of mind. To not allow anything to easily distract me. But, all in all, aside from endless switching back and forth the names, I wish for the best still.