The Boy with No Name, The Girl who Wanders

Dear, uptown boy, I miss that ‘menu’ I usually ordered.

Dear, the boy with no name,

As we both wander our paths

As I wander my journey

I silently pray for you

It takes effort for me not to bother you anymore

I hope you don’t sleep too late

Dear, uptown boy

I miss that menu you picked for me

I miss that green tea ice cream you bought for me

And thank you for helping me finished my food at last

“Whoever you are with at last, I will always be happy for you. You will always have this soft spot in my heart. You know, it’s because I care.


The Diary of a Late Bloomer (205)


So, Sally can wait, she knows its too late she should not have put her life in the hands of a rock and roll band.

Resolution? Revolution? Or Evolution?

I was quite surprised knowing the fact that Obama, the former President of United States, was an introvert. I know it from what Susan Cain said on an interview with CNN in which she stated Obama loved to be in solitude that he felt the safest in that state (I personally can relate, to a healthy extent solitude is pretty much a great state to be in, we can engage with ourselves, it is so much a paradise once we learn to embrace the beauty of being in the loop of solitude). While Betrand Russell in his book The Conquest of Happiness stated,

“One thing in common: altogether it will be found that quite life is characteristic of great men, and that their pleasure have not been of the sort that would look exciting.”

And if I were to find a partner, I would love him to be a man who enjoys solitude the same as I do. Someone who can admire and be grateful for the life’s simplest pleasure. Someone whose heart is as beautiful and euphony as the world ‘solitude‘ itself as I spell it. Well, being an introvert is actually a blessing in disguise even though too much in the spectrum is unhealthy despite enjoying solitude.

More quality time with myself

Someone asked me, what was my resolution this year, it has been the same thing: to graduate (I have spent many years in believing You, but still I got no relief~). I don’t have any resolution other than that. I would love to think of my life as an unrevealed mystery, so, what matters the most is the day I have right now, that is still within my grasp, the moment I’m breating and typing and crafting this thought in solemn excitement. I would love to think of my life as an evolution, it is steadily improving, fact-paced in a turtle-paced way. I want to be more and more in love with myself. To love ‘this woman’ with all the freckles; that makes her only all the more human.

On approaching 30?

To be honest, I’m losing count of my age. The last time I remember, my age is nearly 30, but I don’t now precisely how old I am now. Just like what Jazz Bashara of ‘Artemis’ said, “Quality is quality. Age is irrelevant.” that “an awkward clumsy success is still a success, nonetheless.” I’m glad, I have so much to be grateful for instead of mourning over. Last year was quite a slap in my face. I don’t think the person will read it, but that person teaches me a lot, I’m so thankful for it; now it makes me afraid of involving myself in romance anymore, that person is to blame, I lied. If I never get married, he is the one to blame (and if there is anyone who dares to ask me, why I’m still single, I will give them a death stare. They just don’t know love is a sickness. This character in the novel of Murakami ridiculously died because of lovesick. No, I won’t make myself that helpless. I want to eat more chicken and read more books.)

So, I will start my evolution from my head

Contrary to what Oasis said, it is not a revolution I have been in constant involvement but rather an evolution for the same old resolution. “Future is a never ending present.” So, yeah, let’s work on it 2019!