The Diary of a Late Bloomer (61)


I will catch you if you fall
I’m just gonna love you like the woman I love

To The Woman I Love

Be Worry not your soul is forever in my arms guidance

Be Mourn not your smile mine source of joy

Cry not it guilty me heart

Had it forever to your waiting, be patient still

Keep it beating in a pace steady

Breathing romance if necessary

Be tired not to yet another unrevealed story

My dear, be worry not



The Diary of a Late Bloomer (60)

On becoming future science fiction writer

My dear Mr.Curiosity, I told my lecturer today I wanted to become a science fiction writer someday, I was so overwhelmed of saying it like I was about to burst into tears. I become stronger each day because of you, because I have you in my heart and to me it is enough. My dear dear Mr.Cogito, how your life has been? It has been a long long while. I miss you, so so much.

The Diary of a Late Bloomer (59)

Words should be carefully chosen before they are uttered. Even if some people tend to be spontaneous that they don’t realize their words may be hurtful for others, unintentionally. Words shouldn’t bring you down, indeed. But as a human being given a heart to feel various emotions; sad, resentment, remorse, happy, excitement etc, it is only natural for us to give response to what others said, if not a robot whose functions are artificial. I can say, I have long forgiven the person, but what she did still hurt me every now and then every time I remembered it. It was just so disrespectful, how one could behave so terribly? (Pulling my hair and calling me a ‘bitch’ in front of so many people. Did it make you feel satisfied to bring someone else down? Did make you feel superior by then? Did it do you good? Did it satisfy you? And you wish I could just pretend everything is okay like it was never happened. I did acting out as if it was. You could just tell it to me at face value if you didn’t like me or hate or my existence irritated you personally. Should the entire world know about it?) People change, I know, she might have changed. But she did have left me a scar, I can’t erase it. And everything won’t be the same. And every time I bumped into her, the memories would start to play in my mind and it torn me apart all over again. What sadden me, she hasn’t even asked for my forgiveness, not that I’m begging for it either. Dear God, I know why it is all started and I’m on my way mending or forgetting that period. It is just, my heart is severely aching when it unintentionally crossed my mind. Now, the club I wish could be the place I could grow myself, to be the place I wish I could enter a little bit later. And the person I used to be so close with, the person I never thought now could probably turn me into his biggest enemy and vice versa. Dear you, I wish you knew, every now and then, I smiled by thought of the moments we once had. But it would only best remain as memories. I packed you there. Hopefully, by the passing time, everything will get better. And if I’m given another chance to bump into you again, I will cast you a smile. It means, I’m so thankful for your ever coming into my life. For your short visit but teach me valuable lesson. The lesson I never taught I could learn.