Watney, Look What You Made Do

Only recently someone I know of (his name is Muadz Syawali, Mechanical Engineering Student of University of Indonesia) informed me that his abstract is selected to be presented in America on January 2018 (so proud of him!), I was curious to know in what occasion and he told me the name of the occasion is AIAA (The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics) the world’s largest technical society dedicated to the global aerospace profession. The tittle of his abstract is “Utilization of Hydrogenomonas facilis for Sabatier Reaction to Enhance Environmental Control and Life Support System in the International Space Station“, insofar as I knew, before I read the abstract, it was about the use of certain bacteria to produce those two substances, and after I read the abstract, rather than enlightened (obviously, this is not my area of expertise so I can’t go deeper about it), the image of Watney from the Martian popped up smiling proudly in my mind, like as if it was a calling for him for yet another chance (Not to Mars, Watney, what about growing potatoes on Venus?). I know this is so random, but I can’t help not to write about this, let alone when I remember Watney, he reminds me of this guy who self-proclaimly claims himself to be resembled to Watney (in term of quirkeness, I can not agree more). #LookWatneyLookWhatYouMadeMeDo


Darling I Do, See You

I know plenty of people with eyes closed

They don’t see you like I do


She doesn’t lose faith yet of the existence of long seek another half, whether it will lead her to the destined one, it is of little important to her, because the tought of bumping into him more than enough she could ever ask. She keeps in store the story of her future romance to bloom in the right time. When time finally allows her to craft another chapter with him, it will be the time she has done with herself and he with himself. It is to be answered by the passing time, to be reaveled in yet another page. She is aware of in no position to beg for difference, to know forth who is to hold her hand in the coming days, but she begs him to be a person of the same values. She wants to wander her wonder still, she feels like fasting the time forward, she feels lonely sometimes, solitary no longer serves her satisfaction like it used to, she is afraid of playing act strong, but she keeps on going at last. With the hope holds still in her heart, she falls in love with the mental projection of his future lover. If it leads her to no one, much as it does matter, the least she could do is loving herself. 

It Sure Took A Long Time

I’m sure it might have grown old

Like most young things usually do

and dangling a line to try and find your mind

For that I can’t blame you.


Days once spent with her laden with the tales of her blossoming heart. She told him in constant amusement what came to her mind, he could not help to question her depth, he felt somewhat dragged to join the hype, but he did not want to be swept away by her set rhymes.  She wasn’t realized at the time, what was to lose. It took her indifinite time to find out her lost soul, where did it belong and bound. And she would rather be alone. 


It sure took a long time to miss me

A long time for you to come around

A long time to find what was wrong

It sure took a long, long time.