Confession To Broken Lady (6)


Waking up would stop me, switching back time would stop me.

She brought out yet another book from her bag, Heads Up Philosophy, it was how it spelled; while I was holding her book still and not yet gave her my two cents. “There are so many of them in each period.” In the midst of her adjusting the book, she made pause her move. 

What makes them acknowledged, up untill today, were their steady inquiry to the knowledge, to the truth, to have what perceived truth an infinite regress. Dedication. All of those thinkers came out with established theory by means of lifetime dedication.” She was so passionate to the point I saw there imaginary flames as if it was a matter of extreme important to her; and it was ever so interesting, ever so thought provoking.

It would be so much pale in comparison, if I were to tell her my fascination. It seemed to me she took her interest seriously, how could it not? She brought them  along everywhere what got her attention stolen. At least how to make it sound like a refained my preference of readings, ‘is it even just to call it an act of reading? In comparison to her subject of interest? Come to think of it, it quite  got the gist of philosophical wisdom.’ 

We are all born a single soul through the carrier of a mother womb. We will end up leaving this world just the same we initially brought out to the world. “ 

Tighten sadness were hidden, all the pain that came up were hidden.


I think that possibly…

If I didn’t know you I’d rather not know, if I couldn’t have you I’d rather be alone.” 


It is so beautiful the lyrics

Well, as obsessive  and demanding as it may sound to the ordinary ears; or let’s say the actual act of it is rather creepy rather than romantic (by ordinary ears here are not those heartless or not capable of hearing, but those who never experienced the kind of  love to the extreme point of to end up with the certain person; the object of affection, is the only option of choosing, it is out of imagination reach to be with someone else) but from another way of seeing, it shows only purity and clarity, love in its purest and clearest form, it leaves the person no slightest doubt. The person, to have that degree of certainty, a firm cocksurement, must have an imaginary reminder to acknowledge the bid cues by the universe, but that kind of certainty most probably grown overtime rather than instant, as it goes in the lyrics, no one understands me quite like you do, through all this shadowy corner of me. It is through the act of mutual understanding, admiration, respect, etc; basically a series of mutuals. It can be found in best friends or it can be a person we just bumped into (I believe in instant chemistry 🙂). The destined one may already be there, and when the realization hit, it is a relief sigh of all of the while it was you.