Foreign Policy Community Indonesia: Promote Positive Indonesian Internationalism throughout The Nation and To The World


So, today, precisely on 28th October 15, I attended a public lecture held by Foreign Policy Community of Indonesia ( ) with Mr. Dino Patti Jalal as the main –and only speaker and as well the founder of the organization. So, the event is held to officially announce the collaboration between FPCI and FISIP (Faculty of Political and Social Sciences) UI. Aside from my curiosity as to what was it going to be about, my chief reason in attending the event is because I thought there will be a free snack (I’m an anything for free hunter esp. when it comes to food) and it turned out to be a wishful thinking, I assumed so at the first place, because judging from the packaging and all, I was quite convinced, there would be something more to offer (by more I mean, again, food in a form a snack), I suppose for next time I really have to make sure whether or not there will really be ‘something more to offer. Let’s shift from talking about petty mumbling to something more substantial. By substantial, I mean, what’s really being offered by the event, the content of it, so, basically it’s about the importance of having a good to decent diplomacy skill, well it’s something we can read or learn ourselves actually, but Mr.Dino, told us his insightful insight as an experienced diplomat himself, the gist I got from the public lecture are

  1. The world’s domination is not only belonged to U.S. –and China as a strong contender, there will be some ‘emerging power’ that they need to be watched out about, especially Korea, Japan, Singapore, Vietnam, Philippine, and of course Indonesia being one of them. Given this circumstances, the opportunity for the third world countries to rise the bar and take the lead, economy sector, or even better in every sectors, is not that wide a gap to reach, it is even within every countries reach, if they can pull out their countries potential (Socrates saying, Know Thyself is –then relevant here) to its best, let’s take South Korea as a significance instance, Mr.Dino used to continue his study abroad, and class separation is highly felt there in U.S., how they treated third world countries differently, himself is no exception, but one of the third world they used to look down, is having their product widely used there, which is a mobile phone brand ‘Samsung’. Having this fact, it should be an alarming reminder for other countries to do the same, so does my beloved country.
  2. When it comes to being a diplomat, Mr.Dino uttered, it seems like the old conception of having a uniformity and conformity with other fellow diplomats or sense of oneness, in his another way of seeing viewpoint, needs to be rearranged, as a diplomat, being outstanding in uniformity is way more important, or to put it simply, what makes you different from the rest, what sets you apart or individually known is a quality a diplomat should cultivate to have a long lasting career in regarding field.
  3. In correlation to point 2, Mr. Dino further expelled a valuable qualities a diplomat –and anyone because it is applicable to anyone, are having a power; ability to coerce, influence or control and an authority; the power to enforce rules or give orders. The latter is more important, which is being linked to having a creative thinking, a person with unorthodox way of seeing things, again, it is having to do with what makes you different in uniformity, being the greatest among the greats.

That’s what my memories manage to remember regarding today’s public lecture. Insightful indeed, only I expected something more to offer, because I was once attended a public lecture by Gustav Papanek, it landed me a glorious book and snack, so I expected the same from today’s public lecture *sad emoticon*.