My Precious Nuance

​28 December 2015

Was the first time I made a finger slip and pressed your number. It was pure an accident but I made it less an emberrasment by asking you what was it behind your using the profile of the later I knew was ‘Prodigal Son‘. You had no idea I felt like dying because I thought I just made myself looked creepy. Really, I wished I was just vanished or else time made an exceptional to regaining back my human worth by rewinding back the scene and got my finger its full control; to make it less an obvious an attempt. I knew your drama at the time, even when it wasn’t any bit interested me but your making throw words what got me further attention; which was left me awed in astonishment, of how far you could be any more quirky. 

See? That explains only a few his odds

But you were that endearing a person the more I got to know you; it shifted not a significant your disposition in your progressing age but it was what I wished to stay the same. 
28 December 2016

A year passed since then, yet another togetherness in an accompaniment of rainy day.

29 December 2015

Was the first time then we made an actual spent. A cup of tea at the coffee shop in a rainy day. 

29 December 2016

Yet another year passed since our first actual spent. You lost to me big time in chicken battle. 


Thank you for being a nuance in my life and for being precious. My dear dear best friend, my bestard friend, Bestardroni Rizal.


I know I always had a heavy heart. I would always put up my guard. And I never thought of you. Should have stuck to you like glue. Instead I got you feeling blue.

Ever since the first time she made known to him, her life was shifted slightly bright; even when only partially but it was still didn’t lessen what she should had been grateful about him; for having around at the time. She knew by then he wasn’t at all a picture perfect but instead a broken soul in search; and forever in it, so long as she had it enough of his being her best friend. And she had it more than enough that way. Should she had a chance of telling him the truth, she wanted to say, “you have been my hero indisguise, even when you weren’t always around, my superhero indisguise. I’d like to keep you close as a best friend forever.  Even without you realizing it, you fixed my scars. You were there just in the right time. To let you know, I have been okay, when you are away.” 

She could only imagine the worst instead of the reverse of the possibilities a long list of ‘What If‘, had she never made a slip of her fingers to press his number, she could have it more boring a life. She made an almost flowing tears but held back in replacement of reminiscing the spending with him with a broad smile she could ever effort to make. “Where else could I find the worst you? You have it your own kind.” She then realized, she had it the best wish for him as an exchanged of him took part in her play.

She fell deep  in her own make-believe twist; she could only imagine the worst and the horrible. Of having the faith not intersect with the possibilities. It cringed her no end and sunked her ever so profound. She created already in her mental projection what could be the best possible a replacement, if there was she found any. Steady, it kept on made shape ever so steady still, in a persistent flow, in a regular repetition. Even when it didn’t amount her an enormous but it was enough to keep her sane. “The best kind of person, is the person who shows you the two sides of a coin; of good and of bad at the same time.” She looked outside the train’s window in a seemingly nostalgic state of being. 

Confusion. It rendered her what flowed in confusion but nonetheless it lessen her not a slight of her pure bliss, ever since he was around. She had them series of ugly truths but it was to bring her an understanding and an unconditional endearment. But then it tired her out, it made her speak loud an enough; only to camouflage, only to disguise she once broken unintentionally, she rather had it simple, lacking in color. 


You know I didn’t mean it I never thought to. Hurt you girl oh I can put this right. I‘ll be your knight. I’m hero, I’m a superhero, I know it may be late now, but I can save you now.