Walking Excitement 2

When she was 22 the future looked bright, she is nearly 30 now and she is out everynight. The lines best describe my life that past 2 months. Life has its own ways to test us, every of us, for I sure believe, struggling and walking their own path. So do I. To think that I’m coming out safe and sound up to this point is such a blessing. The more the steps move forth and time followings tither, the more grateful I am to be able to read my favorite books, to eat my favorite foods, to listen to my favorite songs, and the first and foremost to continue on walking the dream; of studying in English Literature. I come out stronger than my previous self, I prove to no one but to my old self, that I’m capable of standing on my own feet. 

What society (by ‘society’, I mean,here in my country) expects from a 26 years old girl is to get married (don’t get me wrong, I want to get married and have babies, but my Mamoru Shiba is still hiding himself and busy with his own life, chasing his dream) or at at least already get a decent paid job. For the latter, I can’t get anymore grateful, last July, I tried to apply for a job, what interested me at that time was because the job was related to my area of expertise, a content writer, and it was about mom and baby, in a startup company ‘Smilemelody.Inc’ (I find the name of the company sounds beautiful), they run an application ‘MiMi’ (Pregnancy, Period and Ovulation Calendar, Cycle Tracker). There came my first ‘real job’ interview and at last got my first full time job. I’m so grateful for what I have learnt there, my CEO (he is a Chinesse), he tought us so many things, from how to properly working in a professional environment (which is I’m or say, we are all, totally new to this) to teach us new skills (how to mind-mapping and lay-outing). Let’s not talk about salary, because it is way beyond my expected salary (I used it to pay for my collage tuition fee though), but because I’m still a collage student, I’m no longer working full time but part time at the company, that doesn’t require me to go to the office (thank God, I don’t have to experience a morning craziness and back to my dormitory dead tired anymore, it will do harm to my physical health in a long run, especially because I’m still studying, so my CEO with the help of the Human Resource shifted my position to PT). 

From then on, I learn valuable lessons, when you feel downright hopeless about how your life will be going on, there will be a light if we believe it. God will never leave us miserable without his helping us in time of dire need of the helping hands. It happens to me, up to this moment, when I felt hopeless and helpless, I tried to challange my limit, and there was a light. I don’t know about the future, but I’m doing my best for my dreams, to make them real, no matter how petty they are for others, but means the world for us, we have this inner strength, inner perseverence to push us forward and carry on. Let’s keep on walking proud the path, self! 

It’s sad but it’s true how society says

Her life is already over

There’s nothing to do and there’s nothing to say