I am not a ‘Label’

I am not a Label. We must ripped them off. Who we are not just a skin-deep. Who we are, is what we felt within.” 

Can anyone find any more powerful and facepalm series of arranged words above? The  video touched and stabbed me just right in my heartstring. If only there is no such a diction as a ‘label’, everything should have run harmounisly in synx, and a dream of a better place for the world wouldn’t end up a mere utopian wish. I may call myself (so does people will most probably label me as one) ‘a javanesse‘, people have these set preconceptions of how javanesse’ people mingle, interact and behave (even when it is not at all so bad an outlook, if anything, it makes me proud, but it is not to make it big a deal an issue of labelling), it is not what people call me a javanesse girl what defines my value as a human, but it is ‘what deep within‘, the values in life I carry (to have mine trying as hard it is a practice, the sets of cardinal virtues), the set of principles I keep firm, the passion that sparks my soul, what defines my being a human being with full conscious in common good humanism. There will be no more such a barbaric act of deviance fundamentalist, say terrorism, and the price in the name of freedom or to have it yet another scar in humanity, if only we make peace with the word ‘label’. Go have, wear and walk it full proud your label, so long it doesn’t lessen your sense of humaness. Monochrome is monotonous. Diversity what makes it the world colourful and fruitful. Makes them the words in tandem, understanding and tolerancy deep-seated in every possesing minds. The existing labels, at last, should be a means to unify instead of divide humankind.Cause basically this world needs an instrument of harmony, so we could just try try try, just to be ni in nice. If we could just live our lives, that would be so beautiful to me.