Let’s have it enough scars

Is this what you aim for by being a religion devotee? Killing innocents for the sake of heaven? Shame on your, ‘Jihad, way of life!” Shirt, what do you expect to get there in heaven? 32 ravishingly looking angels? Do you have it enough? Seriously, what’s in the culprit heart and mind when he saw the innocent 2 years old girl and the rest of them whonever for once did you harm and wrong, and within a second flash you robbeb away the future of this innocent soul; and I suppose without slightest guilty. What you have done doing is simply an act of imbicile. Because the religion that  I know never once suggest to kill another without proper justification, and the religion that I know, both Islam and christian are peace-loving religions, with it should be obvious that an act of killing and fighting are strongly forbidden by their teachings. Even when the religions have it a term a just war; the need to defend their religion. Islamic and Christian philoshophers came to similar wrap about the requirements for a war to be deemed ‘just‘: rightful intention, a just cause, proper authority and even so, it is only done as a last resort. But what the culprit have done doing is simple an idiocy, a heartless and unjust act, if anything, instead of as a peace-loving religion, he gave the religion only bad name. I hope enough of the same barbaric act, I can’t never understand the logic, I just can’t bear with the act for whatever reasons, stop this ‘in the name of religion’ camouflage, just stop it! Rest in Peace, dearest Intan, you deserve heaven.