Positive And Negative Impacts of Technological Development

The development of technology especially information technology (IT) nowadays brings so much positive effects besides the negative ones alongside. That’s why it’s important for us to have an extra protection to filter which one will brings us benefit and the other way around. In the precede paragraph already mentioned that the development of technology has two major effects on mankind. Let’s see the positive one first :

– The development of technology makes us easily upgrade new information, for instance political issues, a new fashion fad, gossip and so forth.

– Technology also makes us easier to broaden our social network by joining social media, such as facebook, twitter, kaskus and so on, besides its plus point to keep us in touch with our beloved ones no matter how far the distance set us apart.

– Not to mention technology is quite economy-priced.

There is or are always negative effect(s ) of every single thing, IT is being one of them. Let’s now take a glimpse of the negative effects of it. The development of IT makes people wih dubious attentions easily manipulate things and do the bad deeds, for instance deception, gambling, violence and gore, carding, pornography and etc.

That’s why it’s pretty crucial to keep on maintaining our common sense and be critical. So that we can adsorb the positive effects of technology without overlooking our needs for ‘the’ real form of society.