A Glimpse Into K-Indie: Busker Busker ( 버스커 버스커)


Contrary to popular music that purposely sets to meet the mainstream standard, ‘Indie’ music is less followed or noticed. Cited from wiktionary.com the word ‘indie’ means independent; from outside the mainstream (adj.). That in itself explain why Indie music is underappreciated and sort of limited in scope, by it, the music only enjoyed by certain group of people, who luckily, happen to find the music suits their ears, but even so, it still has its own loyal followers. Of understandable reasons, it is so, though, because oftentimes Indie music offers a sense of inventory to its listener ears not to mention a lot of the songs are -if we give it a try- pretty ear-friendly.

K-Indie: an escapism from stagnancy

Amidst the hullaballoo and rowdiness of K-pop songs, K-indie is a nuance that brings a new refreshing touch to the heartstring of its listeners, especially when K-pop songs no longer serve a new gems. K-indie is a no-brainer escapism from K-pop stagnancy. For further resourceful peek about K-indie industry, this piece of writing quite well-roundedly explain about K-indie.

One of K-indie groups that manages to gather public’s eyes and for unarguable reasons deserve the spotlight -because they simply have worth-bragging musical talent and qualities, just have a listen to their song, they speak for themselves-, is Busker busker. A group of three people, Jang Beom-Jun (guitarist and vocalist), Kim Hyung-Tae (bass guitar), and Brad Moore (drummer). The group especially noticed after won a runner-up position after Ulala Session in music television program Superstar K3 of Mnet. Go here for further information about them. Here are several of their hit singles that worth-giving a try:

Cherry Blossom Ending , (Busker Busker 1st Album, 2011)
If You Really Love Me (Busker Busker 1st wrap up album, 2012)
Love, At First (Busker Busker 2nd album, 2013)