The Diary of a Late Bloomer (2)

Even today I still recall
Shining so brightly, the image is burned deep inside of my memory


When things no longer the same

I can vividly imagine future possibilities with him. I can see myself spending time for hours, talking about serious to mere things. But things no longer the same now, feelings can never stay the same, it has its own high and low. I thought you were the one, ever since you made appearence. I wish at that time, universe would bring us closer. And it has been a while, but it is no longer the same. It may be because we let it hidden for too long, but it is none of us to be blamed. 


The Diary of a Late Bloomer (1)

Just like a summer breeze,

I still can remember

The gentleness of your smile

Would you mind?
Someday, if ever I forgot the days. Would you mind to come again? Would you mind to once again try to get me? Would you mind to remind me what was forgotten? I’d like to know about you once again, I’d like to have another and many others shared days. I’d love a chance to know you, like I have never known you.

Would you?

Confession of a Late Bloomer

Old rememberances, sweet memories bring us heartwarming feeling but they are of little important right now because time moves pass, memories lingered indeed, they will forever embedded nor can it be erased. Whatever it is, stay sane is the best possible state to be in. To never really allow anything gets the better of us. Everything in excessive amount is unhealthy. Loving soberly. To be out of control or to let someone else defines our happiness will only put us in deeper loop of regressiveness. To never let our feeling to be put in a cage. To maintain the state of being free and liberated inside will allow us to feel self-suffient in our own company. By staying sane, I put first my mental well being, I’m the one in a position of deciding what is better and what’s not. It makes me calmer and mentally at peace. It is better to make a complete whole of ourself first. At least to me, we are capable of fully loving something else, when we have enough of self-love and self-compassion towards ourselves (even in a turtle pace, I have faith in myself still, even if I end up trying too hard, at least I’m happy). Say, I’m a late bloomer even in the pursuit of romance.