Now, books in danger!


There is no frigate like a book
To take us Lands away” Emily Dickinson, There is No Frigate Like a Book.

Truism and indisputable. Indeed. A book is a sole means to connect us with people or situation from different epoch, be it fiction or non-fiction. A single book can bring us insight and totally change ones’ lives, when it is properly red, of course, mainly from one’s absorbed understanding of it, makes us a wiser, with the depth and critical thinking, human being. A single book can sail us away to far away island through our imaginary mental senses without having dragged our physical form right to the place. And a single book can teach us empathy and humanity, it teaches us, basically,everything.

And just a moment ago, my eyes bumped into the NEWS featured Mr.Goenawan Muhammad in it, about the ban of certain books in a to come public discussion about communism, namely the books with ‘left-wing’ perspective in it. And just a day ago as well, I watched Ted Talk by Lisa Bu: How books can open your mind — a short talk but gives us an arrow-pointed perspective of how important is a book, regardless of its content, in order to sharpen or broaden even offer us a whole new viewpoint in seeing the world and life from different angle, to connect us with people from the past, the present and probably as well, the future. The issue about the ban of certain books with ‘left-wing’ content (mainly, a book with any Marxism, Leninism and Communism content in it) if it is really coming into realization, is a sign of how narrow-minded our people way of thinking have been shifting this far, not to the better but worse, and the skepticism over the again spreading ideology, Communism, if I may say, rather groundless, as it said by vice President Mr.Jusuf Kalla,


I’m rooting for Mr.Anies Baswaden statement in THIS article, we are now living in an era of ideas competition, people are critical enough and smart enough to not easily eat what they read without further research or observation, as we are served with a wide-open access window to information. To ban certain type of books is to hinder our right to get information and knowledge, not to mention there is no legal regulation about the book ban -or has been long abolished, as it is said by Mr.Anies.

To those parties with groundless scepticism, I don’t want to pin-point, who are those parties come out to be. But, please, please! have a read yourself of a good book. Just because one is reading about the book with left-wing content in it, doesn’t necessarily make the person becomes one either, Indonesian, in general, are lot more smarter not to be too easily tricked by anything they happened to be received, by what they read being one of them. Let’s end my blabber with Lisa Bu’s powerful wish, “May books be always with you!”