Mr. Stranger


I know I’m creepy, sorry 😦

You and I have got alot in common

We share all the same problems

Luck, love and life aren’t on our side


Hey Mr. stranger,

Ever since the first time I met you, love works in an elusive way. Not that it is ever clear-sighted either in my eyes before our first encounter at the train (I remember still you wore a brown jamper at that day, you looked so tall and so skinny ^^, it was casual but it didn’t make you any less charming). You asked for the guy sitting next to me whether or not he wanted to shift his seat, so you would be in the middle and right beside me ^^ (you were so firm and cool in asking the guy, I like it :)). You had no idea, I looked at your diretion several times along the way (not several times, if I’m allowed to exagerrate, it was for indifinite counting). I secretly observed your ever so solemn dispotition, you closed your eyes, while listening to the music in your phone (even in that state, you looked so efforlessly cool in my eyes, there was just something in the way you carried yourself, your vibe spoke loud somehing legit in you, something enigmatic. It was something that I couldn’t understand still, but it is what makes you different among any other guys I know of so far. That you are a person of strong characters). I tried to play it cool, at that day, to look at your direction was secretly my favorite turning.

My dear stranger,

It was on 18th of July 2016, our very first bump into each other. And not until 2 hours before you left the train, we finally made a conversation, it was about ‘artificial vaccine’ (And I know then that you are a medical student in one of University in Solo). And not until 30 minutes before you left, I had an urge to ask for your number and your name. I remember how you spelled your name in softly speaking manner, it turned out, the guy’s name baside me was ‘Andra’, it was pure my intention for the sake of further exchanging thoughts, I didn’t know at the time what moved me. You were in a brief asked me whether or no I knew the authors you mentioned since I was a literature student, and to let you know, I had no idea at that time about one of the name. Not long after you left the train, just when I was about to text you for a friendly ‘hi’, you poked me first for an asking (When would I come back to Depok and have another talk about New Order Era ^^, because that was the last topic we brought in conversation.)

28h of July 2016 was then our very first meeting outside. It was you who arranged the meeting at Tjikini Cafe. I was two hours earlier but I was glad I chose to wait for you instead of leaving the place before then came with a friendly waving from outside the cafe with one of record label shirt in dark color. But you looked cool still, you nailed the shirt. And that as well, you shared me your dreams, your problems and your outlooks. And we somewhat shared the same problem at that time. And it was just my luck for slipping up ever since then.

And it was your outlooks what left me distingushed impression.

It didn’t stop this just like that…

It went on

And it goes on


I’m starting to fall in love

Its getting too much

Its not often that I slip up

It’s just my luck


The Thread of Life Seeker

​93 million miles from the Sun, people get ready get ready,
’cause here it comes it’s a light, a beautiful light, over the horizon into our eyes

Sandra wandered long the broken road; tired sometimes but always found ways to get the spirit ignited. She once lost and tossed and then crashed hard. But she moved past failures and gave another chance over; even when it meant starting over, yet again and again.

Life is about finding a home, a place or a thing that makes you feel like coming back anytime, and I’m finding it by traveling from one country to another. Simply, to find ‘my home’ .” Keenan was stark overwhelming by the wishful possibility of his future invention; of a ‘home’ in its purest possible definition, in its most essence. Sandra made pause and gave moment a silence to reenact her own of the same concern. She moved aside her strawberry cake in exchange of her giving a serious attention to the figure in front of him; and it was shown vividly by her transparent made form wrinkled on her forehead. Not until she realized a few minutes later the book in her grasp ‘ Are you living or existing’ by Kimanzi Constable gave her a mental burst.

She made firm contact with him before she was ready with her utterance, ” Here, Keenan, hear. At least if you do it right, you will love where you are .” Keenan gave a chance to the words to seep in his mind, “ If you do it right… ”


Every road is a slippery slope

There is always a hand that you can hold on to.

Looking deeper through the telescope

You can see that your home’s inside of you

The Misconception of Me

She continued the stroll along the Marlion park when the sun radiated the light in full sting but not a whit did she feel anything contagious of its warm even with her in a wrap of her dark grey sweater;and her head in endless questioning still, “I shouldn’t have let anyone get the better of me. What if I insisted to make an acquaintance, my life could have been rendered a whole lot differently. I shouldn’t have let loose my guard. Am I amount as much to my concern?” She lied stare in no blink with her right hand in a full grasp of her borrowing the book, “Orlando” by Virginia Woolf. She barely able to make sense of each words no matter how worth it was a further thought what captivated her yes the sentences that seemed to her matter but she was in a state of confusion of a matter lesser important in remembrance.