Never Say Goodbye


If you go away, you will see me cry
Don’t you let me go, baby, don’t you let me down
Even when we’re always together, we never get closer
A stale love with no meaning

Every passing seconds went by, casually the way it was supposed to be. Every passing souls hitter and thither, to and fro, back and forth so into what’s being dictated in their heads. Giving no damn to the rush of others but their own pace. Even in the midst of my wandering thought, in a myriad of spoilingly gorgeous faces, it was her face that I wish my eyes were bumped into.

“How’s time tickling there? Does the tick-tocking sound of a clock still bother you the most?” I couldn’t help but cast a light smile, reminiscing back the least bit of memories we ever had.

“If ever time gave me a chance to make a wish, as customary a wish I might beg to become real, it was never as demanding as to be able to catch a glimpse of your sight. Even just a peek from the back. I wouldn’t complain if it were more than enough the time could ever effort for me.” This time the subtle blow of evening breeze under the giant banyan tree made an imaginary cheery dancing around my physical form, as if in agreement with my petty wish, at least to me the wish was that big of a deal.

You never say good bye,
For a while I sat absent mindedly and emptily
And I thought over again, but I couldn’t stop