The Hardest What Shapes The Strongest


The Hardest To Cope The Strongest Comes Up To Be

If there is anything that I find it the hardest a truth to accept, it is this thing:

  • Missing someone of no longer within visual reach. This is the hardest to cope with because I’ve been in the positition, my mother has passed away seven months ago, it brings me close to tears; especially near midnight because she used to remind me everyday not to sleep too late, let alone her regular message of asking me whether I have my breakfast, lunch or dinner already, do I come back to dormitory yet and have a good rest, and any of her worrisome messages. It might be bothersome at the time, to be treated like a 5 years old girl when you are already an adult, but now when the attention no longer there and there was no message since then asking me my whereabouts, etc. The act of it becomes precious and I regret myself big time for ever feeling that annoyed when I used to have it the best mother in the entire constellation of the universe. Now that I can no longer tell anyone my having a bad day, I can cuddling and snuggling with her no longer, it tears me heart apart, even though I let her go already but still she is too much of a treasure to me to get easily removed. She is rest in peaceful sleep already, but her soul forever lives within, my dearest angel without wings.

But her no longer within my visual reach, even when her physical form is out of my hands touch, I learn, by then, not to complain much about life, because at last, just like we initially brought out to the world a single soul, we leave the world exactly the same, thus our shadow is the best accompaniment we can have. Death is a cocksure certainty, but impression is everlasting.