Aim Higher, Fly Higher

​Yet another year passed and with it a new year is lurking its way into our life. The majority of crowds set their a year ahead resolutions but what is most important is not the resolution itself but the endurance in carrying out the resolution throughout the year. There is this soul-enriching video worth to be set in favorite playlist; in order to keep us resolutions deep-seated in mind, the video by Princess Ea, “Forget about The New Year Resolution”, he ignited us spirits in a less didactic way the importance of having it character in what we done commiting. Say, you have this set resolutions, have them a character the ability to carrying out a resolution long after the excitement. 

Oftentimes, we  have it an overwhelming excitement in the beginning but gradually it sinks in and slowly forgets what we have already set a resolution: endurance, commitment and resiliency in bearing what sets. It is better to aim high and miss rather than to aim low and hit; at least there we have it the former we fall in among the stars. We choose to fly soar like an eagle or fly low and hit the gound still like a chicken; but is wishing to fly high.  As it is mentioned in the video, the word ‘sin’ is a greek word, it means ‘to miss the mark’. Thus, the greatest sin in life is to miss your mark, to not be who you are created to be; to be a chicken instead of an eagle, to have you died a chicken instead of an eagle. 

As for me, I might have it a resolution too humble, but what’s most important for me is to carry on still the excitement because it amounts me a small leap to a giant one, basically my resolution is to have myself progressing each day to be an eagle. That’s why I’d love myself to be an optimistic in an alturistic possible way. So, all in all let’s make this year a resolution to be fully and authetically us. To have us shifted from mediocre to meteoric and be an eagle we are supposed to be.