Penguin in Danger

(Image courtesy: Dyan deNapoli: The great penguin rescue

It’s better to be late to realize and do something rather than do nothing about something that will bring a significance different if it is done together; thus, raising awareness and conciousness is begun with a single head consciousness, only then it will grow in number and become a uniform conciousness. I  watched a TedTalk about ‘The Great Penguin Rescue’ by Dyan deNapoli today and it was somewhat heartbreaking (why somewhat not in greater intense of emotion, it was because I felt hopeless whether I couldn’t be of much help to keep their existence and prevent them from going extinct from this mother earth, because their non-existence means the  near approaching end of this earth as well) knowing the fact that they are going to extinct by 10 years if there are no immediate rescue in keeping their existence on Earth. Penguins have always been my favorite animal, not only because they are effortlessly adorable and huggable in appearance but also because their existence is of significant important, they are an indicator species as Dyan told on the video, we know the mother earth is in danger when their population is getting lesser. I had a moment’s pause and I felt like I needed to do something to save them from permanent dissappearence, not a whit would I be able to bear the fact of them being an animal of history just like a dinnasaours, and I came up with a realization, that I could help them by changing a lifestyle but then I knew I could do something from them. Global warming and overfishing are the chief causes of their existence to be currently at stake, so to prevent the extinction from happening, I need to, we need to be a person of a go-green, of everything eco-friendly, not only would we save the Penguins lives but also the well-being of the Mother Earth. Now, I will keep the realization steady by being the person I mentioned and make a tangible effort in helping them exist on earth (I would love to do something more for them in the future if I’m given a chance to, but for the time being, this is the best I can effort for my favorite animal). From now on, graduallly, consistently. It is from  taking a small leap, would the big leap is made. And as Dyan said, “To be a part of something larger than yourself, is the most rewarding experience you can possibly have.”  #SavePenguin #PenguinInDanger