Being A Rebel, Why Not?

“Stop your crapitude! You can shift the shit in your life!” – Anonymous

I’m currently reading this ‘A Rebel Chick Mystic’s Guide’ by Lisa Marie Selow. I find this book pretty captivating since the very first page, haha. Okay, jump into this ‘Positive rebellion’ part, according to this book it means you’re choosing to do both small and big things that are loving, supportive, or helpful for yourself or others (or both). Instead of rebelling against the idea of authority, you honor your own inner authority, along with others’ wisdom that resonates with you. You may start to know your own personal truth that lives in your heart. And when you practice positive rebellion on a continual basis, you’ll notice that you are no longer willing to stay stuck or buy into negative or limiting beliefs, ideas, or situations.

Positive rebellion can best described by these kinds of attitudes  :

•  Doing what feels right for you, instead of what you think you’re expected to do.

• Creating a mind-set for happiness and success, when others are more interested in the negativity and doom portrayed in the media.

• Leading with the heart, not your head so much.

• Having a glass of water while everyone else is having a beer.

• Not yelling back at someone when they yell at you.

• Giving a stranger a smile, just because you feel like it.

 • Not gossiping at work with your co-workers.

• Being okay with your choices, even if others don’t get it at first—or ever.

Rebelling against your limiting beliefs by working to replace them with more supportive ones is definitely a form of positive rebellion in a world that can seem filled with hate, violence, and negativity, especially if you regularly consume mainstream media. See? Being a rebel is not always bad J. I’m trying to implement those 8 points on my daily life by now.