He traced back old times. He remembered clearly and vividly. It was to him a big loss, but he was too young to realize what was to lose. He felt like blaming himself, if only he could rewind everything, he wish for a better end. Sometimes, the hardest thing was to accept the fact, what left unsaid, what he had done wrong, could not be moved backward. He left with an option to let go and move pass. Love could be that intricate. Love could be that beguling. Love could be decepting. But once loved the figure in his frame of mind made him realized, it was better to stay sane, to stay in between sanity and his conscience. “Sometimes it happens, feeling die.I’m no saint but I understand



She remembered that day, the day she ever had with the figure at the campus library. It was a year ago, they had yet another chance to spend the day. She never realized that it would become so much cherished a moment with him. They casually walked the room, passed every book shelves and threw a joke or two every now and then. She felt so at ease beside him. “What is it in you?” She could only lightly smile and walked pass her thought. Put the part back to her memory’s jar.

The Boy Who Never

The strongest structures ever built
Are the ones that don’ t get built at all
And the kind of bricks that don’t get laid

Are the only kind that never fall


She saw a glimpse of him once more. It made her heart pounding in the speed of light. She managed her calm demeanor despite the sudden burst in the need to embrace the figure. But she tried her best to carry it with ease before she lightly stood beside him and said. “It has been a long while.” And his eyes yield loud meaning what was unsaid in his composure. 


I know you heard me say it when I said it with my eyes

That’ s how the man in front of you became

The boy who never