The Diary of a Late Bloomer (33)

Futures made of virtual insanity now

Always seem to , be governed by this love we have

For useless , twisting , other new technology


What is future made of? 

Virtual Insanity aside. What about uniform integration, uniform conciousness? In order to create a sustainable society we need to raise this sense of urgeness. A sustainable society is condusive, fertile and prolific society; let’s call it another way of saying ‘imagined society’. A society that puts the fellow heads live harmoniously and cast aside differences. And it can only be exist not a mere make-believe society if there is a uniform up to bottom conciousness, a uniform integration from several diversed layers, only then the kind of sustanaible society will come into being. Why is it important? In order to create cosmos, to eradicate chaos, even better makes it non-existence. Uniformity is formed from a contagious single head counciousness; 100 can’t be in its full number without additonal 1, thus to create larger we can’t overlook even the miniscule, because it can’t be a solid form with a hole in it still. Small leap of counciousness what creates bigger. It is starting from our being aware of our chosen endevour, hence to raise counciousness it started from one single head, it is started from me!