Reflection on Teachers’ Day

As it is turned out to be a ‘Teachers’ Day’ on 25th of November, and as daughter of an English teacher myself, I see the profession of being an educator; a teacher, a lecturer, etc are a profession of noble purposes, a lot we have them, people with genius minds but only within hands counting –to exaggerate it a little bit, are able to transfer what they have learned and are willing to, to others. The highest essense of inquiry of knowledge in its deepest core, should be, to have it useful for others. It is not an easy a task to make others as equally smart or genius as we are, it requires a characteristics of a nurturer and of a leader, because to teach or to educate, someone deals with the heads of varied thoughts with diverse competencies. An interesting read by one of my favorite blogger Maria Papova on her site, there in the article, Popova makes a gradation of great writing: explainer, elucidator and enchanter. The dividend can be applied not only to writing but to teaching also; an inspiring teacher is an enchanter to her or his students. And to be an enchanter requires what’s said by Haruki hereonly passion can fuel passion, thus passionate teacher triggers a passionate learner (I’ve found most of my lecturers have this qualities of an enchanter, a formidable combination is a combination of a mutual: a passionate learner + a passionate educator). The highest grasp of inquiry of knowledge in its complecy is the ability to comprehend the explained holistically and its practicality in daily basis, this can only be taught by teaching in a philosophical way; systematic and critical way of thinking and radicality. Indonesia needs a lot more passionate educators, only by well-rendered education system does a country able to run a clean and well-governed country, because an educated head has a in depth or profound counciousness and conscience of their surrounding. Thus, a great teacher should be an enchanter and a philoshoper.